Want to be sent to CXL Live? Copy this text and email it to your boss: 

Hey, there's an interesting optimization event coming up (April 5 to 7 San Antonio, TX) called ConversionXL Live (http://live.conversionxl.com). I really think it makes sense for me to attend. Here's why:

The whole event content is very process-focused and looks at optimization at a very strategic level. We can bring a lot of that over to us. Every speaker is a hands-on practitioner. I can learn what they do, and copy their processes. That saves us a ton of trial and error time.

I can learn how the best in the industry are getting results for companies they work with. The content there seems to be 100% practical - something I can put in use right away. All speakers are top experts, and since it's a 3-day event it gives me a good chance to do some networking and ask questions.

So to sum it up - I will learn processes and tactics we can apply on our website right away, and increase profits. That's the value proposition here. We will make more money after I attend CXL Live.

Thank you.

P.S. There's a discount if 3 or more people from the same company attend.