March 11-13, near Austin, TX.

ConversionXL Live 2015

3-Day Growth & Optimization Event

Learn how the best in the industry do optimization. Get 100% practical, actionable content, delivered by highly sought-after experts. Make new valuable connections.

You’ve read the blog. Now come see the highest quality growth & optimization topics discussed live.

  • The highest bar for content quality
  • All speakers are hardcore practitioners, no "theory only" fluff
  • Huge focus on the quality of learning from peers

This is going to be the best optimization event you’ve attended

You'll go through the whole optimization process, step by step: from big picture to design to data gathering & analysis to testing.

Seasoned practitioners will tell you exactly how they get results - so you can repeat their processes. All hard questions will get answered. End result: you will make more money.

And we guarantee an experience to remember.

What makes ConversionXL Live unique:

Everyone stays in the same place for 3 days Our event venue is the beautiful Horseshoe Bay Resort - 1 hr outside of Austin, TX. All attendees and speakers stay in the same place, nobody leaves - since it’s kind of in the boonies. No city noise to distract us. The outcome is high quality networking, discussions, learning. And great parties.

Every claim needs to be backed up, every idea needs to be challenged. On our blog, we have a very strict editorial policy. We’re extending this to live presentations. Every claim in a presentation will be challenged and questioned right afterwards. Any bullshit will be called out.

All sessions are 100% practical. Get insights you can believe in, tactics and frameworks you can put in practice right away. World class practitioners will share their best stuff. Most of them will stick around for the full 3 days, so you can pin them down and get a 1:1 session.

World Class Speakers for ConversionXL Live

Peep Laja

Founder of ConversionXL and Markitekt. Optimization junkie. Writes the longest blog posts.

Andre Morys

CEO of Web Arts. Runs the world's biggest conversion optimization agency.

Brooks Bell

CEO of Brooks Bell Inc. A passionate entrepreneur - listed in Top 40 under 40. Leader in optimization.

Matt Gershoff

CEO of Conductrics, an intelligent decision engine platform. Over 15 years experience in database marketing and web analytics.

Lukas Vermeer

Data Scientist at A strong advocate of "Evidence-Based Everything", he is forever learning and helping machines do the same.

Bryan Eisenberg

The guy who "invented" conversion optimization. Author of the most books on CRO.

Amy Africa

CEO of Eight by Eight. She's been in the forefront of usability, web design, and e-commerce for over 15 years.

Oli Gardner

Co-Founder of Unbounce Has seen the most landing pages in the world (35 000+ and counting).

Brian Massey

Conversion Scientist. Author of Your Customer Creation Equation. Wears a lab coat to prove his science cred.

Anita Andrews

VP of Customer Success at RJMetrics. Anita has run product, marketing, analytics and e-commerce at a variety of top companies.

Yuan Wright

Director of Analytics at Electronic Arts. Yuan loves the web, is passionate about customer-centric digital analytics, personalization and A/B testing.

Craig Sullivan

Über Optimizer. World's foremost conversion optimization expert. He's made the most mistakes, and learned the most.

Michael Summers

Global User Experience Research team at PayPal He's done UX research for over 50 major international websites

Michael Aagaard

Content Verve Optimization and copywriting pro. The most passionate guy in the industry.

Yehoshua Coren

CEO of Analytics Ninja. A total ninja in analytics and tag management.

Agenda for ConversionXL Live

Single track - all sessions in the same conference room.

Wednesday, March 11

  • 12pm

    Bus from Austin takes all the people without cars to the event site. Tacos on the bus!

  • 1pm

    Check-in and chill. Take your stuff to your room, get a coffee, get to know people.

  • 2pm

    Kick-off! ConversionXL Live starts. Opening words.

  • 2:15pm

    This I Believe. Opening Keynote. Peep Laja, founder of ConversionXL

  • 3pm

    The Million Dollar Optimization Strategy. Andre Morys, CEO of Web Arts.

    "Conversion Optimization" and "Testing" became the hottest topics on the strategic roadmaps of online marketing managers. But still, a lot of companies suffer from easy to solve problems that probably cost a couple of million dollars.

    In this talk, André Morys shows some unkown conversion barriers that are not visible on the website. He shows some practical examples and cases that show how effective optimization programs gain a lot more momentum and drive more optimization ROI than usual testing efforts do.

  • 3:45pm


  • 4pm

    Your Test is only as Good as Your Hypothesis – How to Craft Solid, Data-driven Test Hypotheses. Michael Aagaard, Content Verve.

    If your test hypothesis sucks, so will your test results.

    Testing random ideas based on little or no actual insight is the sure-fire way to lose money on CRO. If you have no clear test hypothesis leading the way, A/B testing is going to be a gut-wrenching uphill struggle bound to result in more loses”than wins.

    In this practical session, Michael will share his insight from 6 years of testing and provide you with a simple yet powerful framework for crafting solid, data-driven hypotheses that will give you lifts as well as insight.

    The session is packed with case studies, examples and stories from the real world.

  • 4.45pm

    The Landing Page Manifesto Oli Gardner, co-founder of Unbounce.

    In the only landing page session you’ll need to attend this year, Oli will deliver the 10 commandments of high-converting landing pages. You’ll see how to use contextual design and the psychology of conversion to build marketing experiences that elevate your brand as well as your conversion rates. Watch as Oli tears bad experiences into a bloody mess before reconstructing them with a little conversion love.

  • 5.30pm

    Conversion Feud. Watch the top conversion experts battle it out on the stage. Pure conversion entertainment with game show host Peep Laja.

  • 7pm

    Dinner. Delicious buffet awaits.

  • 8pm

    Opening Night Party. Organized fun.

Thursday, March 12

  • 9am

    Breakfast. Coffee and Texas style breakfast delights.

  • 10am

    Effective User Research Methods. Michael Summers, Global User Experience Research team at PayPal.

    There are so many user research tools and methods. Which approach is best for your website? Are some more effective than others? Do low-cost, rapid methods produce the same results as traditional usability testing studies?

  • 10.45am

    Selling on a 2” x 4”: Proven Techniques for Mobile Optimization . Amy Africa, CEO of Eight by Eight.

    In this fast-paced session, you’ll find out what works (and what doesn’t) in the world of mobile optimization; how to iterate toward perfect navigation (the key to your mobile success); why responsive design isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be and how it can negatively impact your conversion if you’re not careful.

    Using current, real-world examples, you’ll also learn why your customers need a mobile escape plan (and how to develop one); the one thing that nobody ever tells you about that you simply must do; and how to get the biggest bang for your buck from your mobile/desktop integration strategy.

    BONUS: You’ll walk away with sure-fire tips on how to most effectively prioritize all the tasks (and tests) on your mobile To Do list.

  • 11.30pm


  • 11:45pm

    Analytics: Finding Wins Before You Test. Brian Massey, Conversion Scientist

    Website optimization happens one segment at a time.

    Some are looking for an expert. Some are looking for the best price. Some will search. Some will browse. Some will chat. Each of them leaves tracks in your analytics. Understand the impact each of these has on your business, and you will pick the right things to test.

    Find out how to use analytics to identify hypotheses that can deliver big wins early.

  • 12:30pm


  • 1:30pm

    Improving Conversion Rate Using Digital Analytics Yehoshua Coren, Analytics Ninja.

    This session will be a hands on, highly tactical approach demonstrating how to mine useful data out of Google Analytics and other digital analytics tools. Oftentimes, businesses’ do not collect data as it relates to users on their sites in a way that is in line with their strategic objectives. Yehoshua will show you examples of how to build a strong data model and what you should be looking for in your data. If you not interested in learning about how to leverage digital analytics to improve profitability, please do not attend this session.

  • 2.15pm

    Illusions, Lies and Myths of AB Testing. Craig Sullivan, Optimise or Die.

    There are good reasons why a lot of split testing fails to make an impact or shift business metrics. There are many illusory ways of running tests, where you can call a winner and make the wrong business decision or waste valuable time.

    There are the lies you can tell yourself that will prevent the team from designing good tests or learning from them. And lastly, there are the Myths of Testing - things that you might think are true but turn out from real life experience to be a sleight of hand.

    Expect to learn some cold hard truths about testing, some simple rules to follow and some resources and tricks that will make you a better tester, to take away and use..

  • 3pm


  • 3.15pm

    Testing Strategy: Bandit vs Scientist. Lukas Vermeer,

    Imagine you are standing in front of a row of slot machines (“one-armed bandits”). You only have a limited number of coins in your pocket, but you are determined to make as much profit as possible. You suspect that the different machines have different odds of success, but you are unsure which machine is best. What should you do?

    This multi-armed bandit problem has many parallels with A/B testing and conversion optimisation. In this presentation, we will introduce the problem in more detail, and explain why thinking like a bandit instead of a scientist is good for business.

  • 4pm

    AB Testing, Predictive Analytics, and Behavioral Targeting. Matt Gershoff, CEO of Conductrics.

    In all the excitement around Big Data and Analytics, even savvy users of business intelligence can get a bit confused about how and when to use A/B Testing, Predictive Analytics, and Personalization to optimize. But optimizing isn’t about choosing which tool to use: Optimizing is about making decisions. Matt discusses how to bring these tools together to make better decisions, and touches on how machine learning can help automate the process.

  • 5pm


  • 5:15pm

    The Hard Life of an Optimizer: Open Discussion.Yuan Wright, Director of Analytics at Electronic Arts.

    While optimization is fun, it's also really hard. We're asking a lot of questions. Why do users do what they do? Is X actually influencing Y, or is it a mere correlation? The test bombed - but why?

    Yuan will lead you through an open discussion about the challenges we all face - optimizer to optimizer.

  • 6pm


  • 6:15pm

    The Hardest Optimization Questions: Live Panel. Panelists: Matt Gershoff from Conductrics, Lukas Vermeer from and Yuan Wright from Electronic Arts. Moderator: Peep Laja.

    In this exciting panel you're going to get answers to the hardest optimization and testing questions around. Is my test cooked? Is it valid? Did it *really* win? Is the lift still there in 6 months? What's the CLV of people who signed up via variation B?

    We will have awards, beers, strong audience participation, lots of fun and kick-ass insights.

  • 7pm


  • 8pm

    The best party ever.

Friday, March 13

  • 9am

    Breakfast. Organic healthy yummyness.

  • 10am

    Buyer Legends. Bryan Eisenberg. The father of conversion optimization.

    Your marketing deserves to be legendary!

    Your brand and it’s story crave sharing from one customer to the next. That is the difference between a story and a legend. Think about the brands you admire most; isn’t it because of how those brands make you feel? Isn’t it the way you “flow” through their delightful customer experience?

    In this session Bryan will teach you how to develop into a company that is customer centric, data driven, but managed by narrative.

  • 10.45am

    The Conversion Maturity Model. Brooks Bell, CEO of Brooks Bell Inc.

    What's the optimal big picture for an optimization project? How to organize the work? How to ensure great speed of implementation? How to create an awesome testing culture? What does an effective CRO strategy look like?

  • 11.30am


  • 11:45am

    How the Fastest-Growing Companies in the World Use Data to Drive Success. Anita Andrews. VP Customer Success at RJMetrics.

    Discover real-world examples of how successful companies are building workflows around data to achieve optimal growth. Her case studies will reveal the specifics of how companies iare using data to optimize areas like customer acquisition, conversion, retention, merchandising, and product development.

  • 12:30pm

    Lunch buffet.

  • 1:30pm

    Bus back to Austin. First stop: Airport. Then downtown Austin.

  • 6pm

    Who will stay in town, let's go out for drinks. I know a place.

Saturday, March 14

  • 11am

    This is an optional fun day. If you’re still in Austin - let’s just hang out together. Beer, food, activities. First half of the day: choose a tour you want to go on: boating on the river, local Breweries beers tour or Austin Eats food tour.

    Second half of the day: drinks and interesting conversations. We’ll find a nice place to have some drinks and chat.

Location & Venue

ConversionXL Live is held at the beautiful Horseshoe Bay Resort, just outside of Austin, TX


The weather will be great - early spring in Texas is beautiful and warm. Besides amazing content, we’ll guarantee highly enjoyable time.

If you’re coming from out of town (most are!), then you just have to make your way to Austin, we’ll take care of you from there on.

We’re taking all the attendees there by bus (pick up from downtown Austin and airport), and back to Austin once we’re done. If you have to arrive later / leave earlier, transportation can be arranged.

It’s secluded and private, perfect for quality discussions and building relationships. All the attendees stay at the same place (2 nights in the hotel is included in the ticket price).

Tickets & Registration

ConversionXL Live 2015 is an “all inclusive” conference.

  • Full access to the 3-day event
  • 2 nights at the Horseshoe Bay Resort Hotel, a 4* hotel
  • All meals during the event: 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners + coffee & snacks
  • Transportation from Austin to the event site, and back to Austin
So just get a ticket, get yourself to Austin, and we’ll take care of everything else.

Tickets are sold out.


You can pay now with credit card, PayPal or request an invoice.

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