ConversionXL Live 2016

3-Day Growth & Optimization Event. March 30th-April 1st near Austin, TX

This is going to be the most useful conversion
optimization event you’ve attended

You’ve read the blog. Now come see the highest quality growth & optimization topics discussed live.

  • Everyone stays together for 3 days in a remote location
  • All speakers are hardcore practitioners
  • Huge focus on the quality of learning from peers
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Unique format to facilitate
relationship building:

the event takes place outside of a major city, away from distractions. Everyone together for 3 days.

ConversionXL Live has a certain style. Everyone stays in the same place for 3 days. All attendees and speakers stay in the same place, nobody leaves. You can have quality conversations and form bonds for life with all your peers. No city noise to distract us. The outcome is high quality networking, discussions, learning. And great parties.

No other event does content, experience and networking like this one. You've been to a conference you like? That's your baseline. Now come see how good an event can really be.

The best practitioners in the world teaching you their best stuff

Learn from the people who actually do this stuff on a daily basis

This event will make you money. It's like conversion optimization in person. Our hand-picked speakers will teach you optimization processes that you can model, and boost profits on any website you work on.

We've made sure that there won't be any fluff on the stage (no pitches either), only highly practical stuff you can implement right away. Since the speakers stick around for 3 days, you can also pin them down later and get a 1:1 session.

Master the processes
that the pros use

Tactics are for rookies, pros use processes

You can learn the most by understanding what the real pros do, and what they don't. We designed the flow of the agenda in a way that you'll go through the whole optimization process, step by step: from big picture to understanding people to design to data gathering & analysis to testing.

Seasoned practitioners will tell you exactly how they get results - so you can repeat their processes. All hard questions will get answered. end result: you will make more money.

Networking like it's supposed to be

Meet peers who are serious about this stuff. By spending 3 days together with everyone, away from distractions, you forge relationships that last.

The event location is away from a major city on purpose. Everyone stays in the same location throughout the event. We have the whole hotel booked for us - the beautiful Horseshoe Bay Resort.

By the end of the 3 days you will know almost all of the faces, spoken to like half the attendees, and made tens of lasting connections. We take relationship building very seriously and create the perfect conditions for making new friends and business connections.

Comments from last year's speakers

"A mix of content and networking that perfectly targets what I care about:
online results."
Brian Massey, Conversion Scientist
"I love the unique resort concept
of XL Live. "

Oli Gardner, Unbounce
"A must attend event in the Conversion Capital of the world!”

Bryan Eisenberg, father of CRO

World Class Speakers for

Expert practitioners only. We don't have sponsored speakers nor people without regular hands-on experience.

ConversionXL Live Speakers

Peep Laja

Founder of ConversionXL

One of the leading optimization experts in the world. He optimizes client sites, and trains other optimzers through his courses and coaching programs.

ConversionXL Live Speakers

Annie Cushing


Annie makes data sexy. She loves to grok on data, especially web analytics data. Some suspect she became one with data. @anniecushing

ConversionXL Live Speakers

Rand Fishkin


Moz founder, author, blogger. The legend.

ConversionXL Live Speakers

Karl Wirth


Karl is the co-founder and CEO of Evergage, which provides real-time personalization to more than 500 million Web visitors. Companies across industries use Evergage to enhance marketing efforts, increase customer engagement and drive greater revenue. Karl graduated from Harvard with a degree in physics.

ConversionXL Live Speakers

Joel Harvey

Conversion Sciences

Joel is a seasoned digital marketing executive and entrepreneur with an 11-year background in executing complex optimization engagements. He and his team design and run hundreds of tests per year.

ConversionXL Live Speakers

Talia Wolf


Talia runs Conversioner, a CRO agency, and specializes in using emotional targeting, consumer psychology and behavioral data to generate more revenue.

ConversionXL Live Speakers

Lea Pica

Presentation & Visualization Consultant

Lea is a seasoned digital analytics practitioner turned data visualization and presentation educator. Her greatest passion is empowering digital analysts and marketers to present their analytical insights in a way that gets remembered, inspires action, and propels their careers.

ConversionXL Live Speakers

Bart Schutz

Online Dialogue

Bart is consumer psychologist and one of the few international leading voices on online persuasion and consumer behaviour. He has both academic, as well as over 15 years of strategical & practical experience in creating more effective and persuasive online dialogues. Bart is co-founder and Chief Inspirational Officer at, author of the and inventor of the 'evidence everything' based Persuasive Journey Mapping method.

ConversionXL Live Speakers

Viljo Vabrit


Viljo is the managing director at ConversionXL Agency, managing the team and optimizing client sites. He's also a part time professor at a university, teaching entrepreneurship.

Nir Eyal

Nir Eyal

Best-selling author and consultant

Nir Eyal writes, consults, and teaches about the intersection of psychology, technology, and business. The M.I.T. Technology Review dubbed Nir, “The Prophet of Habit-Forming Technology.”

Nir founded two tech companies since 2003 and has taught at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford. He is the author of the bestselling book, Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products, which won the “Marketing Book of the Year” award from 800 CEO Read.

ConversionXL Live Speakers

Ronny Kohavi

Analysis and Experimentation at Microsoft

Ronny Kohavi is a Microsoft Distinguished Engineer and the General Manager of the Analysis and Experimentation, which helped teams at Microsoft run tens of thousands of A/B tests and more sophisticated controlled experiments. He leads a team of about 70 data scientists, software engineers, and program managers. His papers have over 27,000 citations and three of his papers are in the top 1,000 most-cited papers in Computer Science.

ConversionXL Live Speakers

Brian Balfour


VP Growth @ HubSpot. He leads the growth team on new products within Hubspot, specifically Sidekick. His focus is on blending consumer marketing tactics, engineering, product, and data to drive rapid growth of engaged users.

ConversionXL Live Speakers

Angie Schottmuller

Interactive Artisan

Forbes Top 10 Online Marketer 2015. She helps businesses get more out of existing marketing efforts through better understanding of customers, data-driven technology, and persuasive marketing psychology.

ConversionXL Live Speakers

Stephen Pavlovich

Stephen is the CEO of, a conversion optimization agency. Using their data-driven approach, he's generated uplifts of over $1 billion for his clients.

ConversionXL Live Speakers

Ton Wesseling

Ton is an online optimization specialist, working in the conversion business since 1999. Ton is the founder and CEO of Testing.Agency – your personal A/B-test support team.

ConversionXL Live Speakers

John Ekman


John runs Scandinavia's nr 1 company in Conversion Optimization. He works with brands like Spotify, Magine and the majority of the Swedish newspapers.

ConversionXL Live Speakers

Marie Polli


Marie is a senior optimization strategist at ConversionXL. She's deep in optimization all day, every day. Her problem solving nature and the ability to see the whole picture has made her an invaluable asset for companies who need an optimization strategy a bit out of the ordinary.

ConversionXL Live Speakers

Joanna Wiebe

Copy Hackers and Airstory

The original conversion copywriter, Joanna teaches fast-growing companies how to craft copy that moves people to action.

ConversionXL Live Speakers

Brian Cugelman


Brian is a scientist with PhD in Online Social Marketing. He teaches people to use digital psychology and data science.

ConversionXL Live Speakers

Roger Dooley

Dooley Direct

Roger is a speaker and author of Brainfluence: 100 Ways to Persuade and Convince Consumers with Neuromarketing, the popular blog Neuromarketing, and Brainy Marketing at Forbes.

ConversionXL Live Speakers

Pauline Marol


Pauline Marol is a Product Manager at Hotwire, where she leads web optimization. From A/B testing to new feature launches, she is responsible for making sure travelers get the best booking experience on

ConversionXL Live Speakers

Claire Vo

CEO at Experiment Engine

Experiment Engine is platform for teams to manage and scale their testing programs. The average Experiment Engine customer runs over 1000 tests a year, and Claire is an expert in high-velocity testing program management, advanced optimization, and using technology to automate CRO process.

ConversionXL Live Speakers

Morgan Brown

Inman News

Morgan is one of the original growth hackers. Co-founder of, author of Unlocking Growth, COO of Inman News.

ConversionXL Live Speakers

Justin Rondeau

Digital Marketer

Justin is the Conversion Optimization Manager at Digital Marketer. A trainer who executes hands-on testing and conversion optimization in both B2B and ecommerce.

ConversionXL Live Speakers

Jen Havice

Make Mention Media

As a Conversion Copywriter, Jen helps businesses figure out what their customers need to hear and writes copy that persuades them to take action.

ConversionXL Live Speakers

Alex Harris


Alex has over 14 Years of Experience with Ecommerce, Web Design and CRO. He's run over 5,000 A/B Tests.

ConversionXL Live Speakers

Joel Klettke

Business Casual Copywriting

Conversion copywriter and content marketing strategist.

Pre-Conference Workshops (Optional)

Workshops take place at Embassy Suites by Hilton Austin Downtown Town Lake (300 South Congress Avenue) from 9am to 5pm (lunch provided).

There's an extra cost to each, workshops are not included in the conference ticket price. Workshops are a good match for you if you're really serious about skill building - they're longer and go more in-depth than individual sessions at the conference. But it's purely optional.

How to sync emails and landing pages in a complete conversion-lifting strategy ?

by Ada Wizmur and Michael Leszczynski from GetResponse


Building a Winning Optimization Program

by Marie Polli and Viljo Vabrit from ConversionXL


The Conversion Copy Workshop

by Joanna Wiebe


Knowing how to be data-driven and run experiments in a valid way is not enough for you to outperform your competitors’ growth. The winner in your market will be the one that boosts his online persuasiveness the quickest!

Yes we will teach you how to be data driven and apply the FACT & ACT optimization cycle, but as peculiar as it sounds, the better you are at influencing your users’ mostly subconscious brain processes, the higher your growth curve will be.

So in this Master Class, we will spoil you with mind blowing scientific insights about your customers’ brain. We will learn you how to apply these insights in a continuous optimization culture and make sure you are not going to make the mistakes that your competitors are making in growing their business.

What You Will Learn

√ The way your users’ brain works while making decisions
√ How to outgrow optimization, and achieve exponential growth
√ 20 Pragmatic Persuasion Techniques to apply on your own digital efforts

Duration 8 hours.
Cost: $600

Light breakfast and buffet lunch included

Bart Schutz - co-founder and Chief Inspirational Officer at Online Dialogue
Ton Wesseling - founder and CEO of Testing.Agency

Note: You can book a workshop during your checkout process.


This is a single track conference. You get to see everyone.

Show compact agenda

People, Brains and Psychology

Wednesday, March 30th

11 am Buses from Austin

We take all the people to the event site by buses. The buses will pick people up downtown and at the airport. We'll email you about the specific logistics. We'll provide free food for bus people.

You're free to drive there yourself, of course.

12 pm Check-in & chill

Arrival, check-in, registration, get some coffee.

1:15 pm Kick-Off

ConversionXL Live starts. Introducing the moderator - Leho Kraav.

1:30 pm Opening Keynote: Peep Laja

The face of ConversionXL kicks off the conference in style.

2:15 pm Bart Schutz: Persuasive Journey Mapping - Unveiling The True Drivers of Your Customers Behaviour

Ok, you're largely exploiting your testing bandwidth? Cool! You probably run more experiments than an average professor at university! But what do your results mean? What are you truly learning? And how do you keep track of and combine all those granular insights?

In his mindblowing talk Bart will take you on a ride along valuable psychological insights. He will show why these are your solution for accelerating your knowledge growth and even provide you with a psychology based optimisation framework to acquire a truly deep understanding of what drives your customers buying journeys.

2:45 pm Nir Eyal: Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products

What makes some products so engaging while others flop? Nir Eyal explains the psychology behind the world's most habit-forming technologies and provides practical advice for increasing user engagement.

3:15 pm Break
3:45 pm Roger Dooley: Neuro-persuasion - Brain-based Strategies for Online Marketers

Are you making the critical mistake of using only features, benefits, and price to persuade your customers to buy? If so, you are only selling to 5% of your customer’s brain!

Roger Dooley, author of Brainfluence, will show you how to use simple techniques to appeal to the 95% of your customer’s decision-making that’s driven by non-conscious processes.

4:15 pm Brian Cugelman: Motivational Chemistry and Susceptibility to Digital Persuasion

In this session Dr. Cugelman will focus on the core elements of motivation, to help you build interactive technologies that are engineered to push your users' emotional hot-buttons.

You will enjoy a presentation on motivation and influence, followed by an interactive session on the ways that ancient emotions, play out in landing page design elements. We'll invite you to complete a quick-and-dirty psychometric test, and then discus different landing page elements that have been designed to resonate with different decision making styles, personality dispositions, and more. This session will give you actionable tips on how to design page elements that boost your users good feelings, and avoids accidentally triggering negative emotions.

4:45 pm Talia Wolf: How to Create Landing Pages That Address the Emotional Needs of Customers

Time to one up your CRO skills. Get to know your customers better and discover key tactics to using emotional targeting and persuasion on your landing pages along with a framework and checklist for running meaningful AB tests.

5:15 pm Break
5:45 pm Angie Schottmuller: Social Proof Power Plays

Social Proof Power Plays Did you know consumers are persuaded 12X more by “others” than YOU, the marketer? It’s time to harness the power of social proof (reviews, photos, statistics) to drive traffic, sales, AND satisfaction.

Angie will share diverse types of social proof and how to grade their persuasive potential along with creative examples and actionable ideas. You’ll walk away with a “social proof quality scorecard” and an arsenal of high-ROI, customer-centric power plays that improve SEO and CRO.

6:15 pm Joanna Wiebe, Jen Havice and Joel Klettke present: Conversion Copywriting Panel

These 3 amazing copywriters will pick 3 web pages - selected from a list submitted by the attendees - will re-write the copy, and test them against control. Live show, pure learning.

7:00 pm Dinner and drinks outside with live music
10 pm - 2am Party. Entertainment. Fun. Games. Connecting.

Optimization and Testing Strategies + Processes

Thursday, March 31st

9:00 am Breakfast
10:00 am Claire Vo - Beyond Test-by-Test Results: CRO Metrics for Performance & Insight

Individual tests drive insights & ROI, but the most sophisticated optimizers look beyond what an individual test is telling them and use data to optimize their overall testing performance.

In this talk, Claire will dive into the specifics of how to track, improve, and drive insight from performance metrics for your conversion program, so you can not only run better tests, but get more out of your investment in CRO.

10:30 am Ton Wesseling: How to Utilize Your Test Capacity?

The more tests you run, the more you learn. Every test will deliver extra insights, but winners will pay the direct costs. How many tests should you run how often? Should it be many small tests or a couple of big ones? Ton will explain this to you based on his 15+ years of A/B-testing experience.

11:00 am Break
11:15 am Ronny Kohavi: A/B Testing Pitfalls: Getting Numbers is Easy; Getting Numbers You Can Trust is Hard

At Microsoft, we run over a thousand online controlled experiments (A/B tests being the simplest) every month. A key goal for the Experimentation Platform is to provide scorecards you can trust. We will share real examples of surprising results and pitfalls, so you can generate trustworthy analyses.

11:45 am Pauline Marol: What to Test Next - Prioritizing Your Tests

Ideas are great - no doubt - but what do you do once you have an entire backlog of ideas? Prioritization is a critical part when building an efficient, impactful testing program. Creating a framework to make smarter choices and thinkinking deeply about the key factors will make your program successful in the long term.

In this session we will talk about how to create a strong prioritization process, how to keep it running, and how to constantly benchmark and optimize your process.

12:15 pm Lunch
1 pm Alex Harris: You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

​See how moderated ​user testing is a proven tactic to gain valuable insights that ​you could never think of yourself. Learn how these discoveries​ turned into dramatic ​results for website growth.

1:15 pm Marie Polli: When, Why and How to Do Innovative Testing

Innovative testing is risky. If not addressed carefully it can destroy your optimization strategy by creating loopholes that make it impossible to know what exactly in the change caused the uplift or drop in your conversion rate. At the same time disruptive methods are needed to break out of the ordinary and to take your business to the next level.

The session is a break down and an overview of the worst and the best of innovative testing so that when you take a jump into the unknown you know what to expect.

1:30 pm Justin Rondeau: "Best Practices" or "Common Practices" - Which Is It?

Are best practices actually "best" - or rather "common practices"? Justin is testing common 10 best practices on 10 different pages across several industries, and will share his insights.

1:45 pm Viljo Vabrit: Using Urgency to Boost E-commerce Conversions

Making customers decide faster about a purchase is a powerful and widely used strategy in e-commerce. It can dramatically improve your sales, but it can also have the opposite effect.

Viljo will walk you trough several case studies to show how to use insights from conversion research to leverage urgency in e-commerce.

2 pm Jen Havice: From WTF to Hell Yes - How to Come Up With Copy That Persuades

Different ways to improve conversions when your visitors can't see the undeniable value in your product or solution.

2:15 pm Break
2:45 pm Morgan Brown: Growth Hacking BS: Fixing Marketing One Truth at a Time

Growth hacking has exploded in popularity, with companies scrambling to find magicial 'hackers' who create massive user bases and revenue out of thin air. Unfortunately, a closer look shows us that much of the hype is just that. To find growth, companies must stop searching for unicorns and do something much less sexy: get back to work.

In this talk I'll cover:
- how companies actually grow online based on studying dozens of fast-growing startups
- why growth is based on companies finding winning tests faster
- how we did that at growth hackers
- how other companies do it (HubSpot, Twitter, more)
- how to start hacking and start growing
- things to avoid, etc.

3:15 pm Joel Harvey: Master Mobile - What We've Learned from Hundreds of Mobile Tests

Is your mobile traffic growing? Are your mobile visitors converting at a much lower rate than your desktop visitors? Does it make you nervous?

Come see the most interesting and lucrative things we’ve learned from hundreds of mobile tests across dozens of sites. You’ll learn how to diagnose your mobile weak spots, avoid the most common conversion-killing “mobile best practices”, segment mobile traffic for testing, write Calls to Action and Offers that get mobile visitors to take action and employ simple UX tricks that will keep those CTAs constant without distracting or irritating visitors.

You’ll also get tips for bridging the 1st screen to 2nd screen gap, maximizing phone leads from mobile visitors and building forms that mobile visitors will actually complete. You'll walk away with specific actions you can take to master your mobile conversion rate.

3:45 pm Break
4:15 pm Stephen Pavlovich: SaaS Optimization - Effective Metrics, Process and Hacks

Stephen will be talking on SaaS optimisation strategy, including:

- The data, insight and metrics you need to track to identify opportunity
- Flow optimisation: from landing page to trial, usage, purchase and retention
- Problems and opportunities: eg how do you test a landing page when the sale happens 14 or 30 days later? How do you manage testing across multiple KPIs simultaneously? How do you understand and segment your key product offering?

4:45 pm John Ekman: The Grand Unified Theory of Conversion Optimization

Optimizers love models. And there’s plenty of them. The Prospect awareness scale. The LIFT model, the ResearchXL model. But John grew tired of trying to explain how they all fit together and when to use what model. So he took a shot at creating ”one model to rule them all”. Will he succeed? You will be the judge.

5:15 pm Break
5:45 pm The Hardest Testing Questions: Panel. Ton Wesseling, Andrew Anderson, Ronny Kohavi

In this exciting panel you're going to get answers to the hardest testing questions around. Is my test cooked? Is it valid? Did it *really* win? Is the lift still there in 6 months? What's the CLV of people who signed up via variation B? We will have awards, beers, strong audience participation, lots of fun and kick-ass insights.

6:30 pm Game Show: Conversion Jeopardy

Pure conversion entertainment involving various speakers. With beers.

7:00 pm Dinner and drinks outside with live music
10:00 pm - 2am Bounce Exchange party with free drinks

Analytics, Personalization and Retention

Friday, April 1st

9:00 am Breakfast
10:00 am Rand Fishkin: Fight Back Against Back

Web marketers have never faced a more dangerous time to have their visitors hit that "back" button. Facebook, Google, and even Twitter are measuring engagement and punishing the sites and brands that lose too much of their audience to an "I'm outta here" click. We've moved from a world where conversion rate optimization happens only in the purchase funnel to one where converting from a 5-second visitor to a 45-second, more engaged visitor who leaves with an answer is hugely important.

In this presentation, Rand will show how Google's Rankbrain, Facebook's engagement algorithms, and other platforms' metrics are transforming this landscape and what web marketers can do to fight back.

10:30 am Annie Cushing: How to Give Your Data an Annual Checkup

Site owners set up their Google Analytics account with the full expectation that it will yield lots of delicious insights. But the reality is that there are common ailments that challenge the health of that data. Learn how to spot these issues before they wreak havoc with your data. All in plain English.

11:00 am Karl Wirth: How to Boost Conversions with 1:1 Personalization

Personalization converts digital audiences. Karl will show you real-world examples across industries that are proven to increase engagement, boost conversions and drive profitable results!

11:30 am Break
12:00 pm Brian Balfour: Optimizing Retention - The Silent Killer and King of Growth

Growth is good, but retention is forever. Brian will show you how to conduct data-driven retention optimization to reduce churn and increase traction.

12:30 pm Lea Pica: How To Present Your Testing Results to Get Results

Are your executives and clients falling asleep during your testing presentations? Chances are your slide design and data visualizations are obscuring your valuable insights. With her special blend of neuroscience-based visualization principles, practical hands-on design techniques, and entertaining “tough love”, Lea will equip you with a fresh new toolbox that will get you and your data presentations remembered and acted upon.

1:00 pm Lunch
1:30 pm Buses back to austin

Optional fun day

Saturday, April 2nd

This is an optional fun day.

If you’re still in Austin - let’s hang out together. We'll offer you a choice of activities - kayaking, bike tour and the like - for the first bit of the day, and then meet up later for drinks and interesting conversations.

Comments by Last Year's Attendees

We had 245 people at our first event. This time we're going to have 500.

“This was by far the best conference I have attended. It was so awesome, being in the same hotel with all other people attending. Most of the speakers where also the entire conference at the hotel. This format is really cool and let’s you build real connection with attendees.“Pieter Baecke
“I’m already looking forward to next year. Beyond being able to listen and meet the best CRO people in the world, it was so refreshing to go to an event where such care was taken to the attention to detail. The little things truly do matter – from Katre monitoring FB to coordinate rides back to the airport to making sure there was coffee available at all times (and everything in between.) It made it feel as though you guys not only cared about putting on a great conference from a content standpoint but also making sure everyone felt welcome.”Jen Havice
“This has been the first conference that blew me away. I learned so much and appreciate all the hard work that was put into making this such a success. The attendees were so diverse and so great to talk to. The speakers were spot-on and it was so well organized–your team did a great job."Jackie Martin
“Not only was the conference more relevant than any I’ve been to (which is saying a lot), but the networking/social component was unequivocally the best. If CRO could be considered a “movement” – this conference is the manifesto. Well done.”Jimmy Diffee
“It was riveting, educational, and essential! You asked us what we wanted and you more than delivered. The format and the speakers, not to mention the attendees made this event invaluable. Thank you again for executing and delivering such a brilliant conference.” Keren Shohet
#This has been the most generous conference I’ve been to, from the shared Google Doc notes to the all inclusiveness of it including transportation and tacos, even if my flight was late and made me miss the great A/B Taco Test. “Bobby Hewitt
“Best conversion conference that I've ever been to. “Andre Morys

... and that was our first time. 2016 is going to be even better.

Location & Venue

ConversionXL Live is held at the beautiful Horseshoe Bay Resort, just outside of Austin, TX


The weather will be great - early spring in Texas is beautiful and warm. Besides amazing content, we’ll guarantee highly enjoyable time.

If you’re coming from out of town (most are!), then you just have to make your way to Austin, we’ll take care of you from there on.

We’re taking all the attendees there by bus (or you can drive, if you really want to!), and back to Austin once we’re done. If you have to arrive later / leave earlier, transportation can be arranged.

It’s secluded and private, perfect for quality discussions and building relationships. All the attendees stay at the same place

Tickets & Registration

ConversionXL Live is an “all inclusive” conference.

  • Full access to the 3-day event
  • All meals during the event + all-day coffee & snacks
  • Transportation from Austin to the event site, and back to Austin
  • Two great parties with your peers
  • Optional fun day after the conference

So just get a ticket, get yourself to Austin,
and we’ll take care of everything else.

Get tickets »

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Our cancellation policy is following: full refund if cancelled before 30 days of the event. If canceled 15 to 30 days before the event, there's 50% refund and no refund if you cancel less than 2 weeks before.